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Office drawers

Discover the office filing cabinets we have prepared for you in our online office furniture section! In the office, we must make the most of the available space, using every corner to store or organize important work items. At SKLUM, we understand this, and that's why we have curated a selection of the most versatile, functional, and stylish designer filing cabinets you can find, perfect for all types of spaces. Here, you will find vintage filing cabinets and cabinets in various styles: Industrial, Vintage, Nordic... Choose the filing cabinet that you like the most and add a touch of originality and good taste to your workspace. Don't hesitate any longer and achieve storage and decoration at the same time!

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Pohpli Steel 2 Door Locker Cabinet

Pohpli Steel 2 Door Locker Cabinet

289,95 319,95 -9%
Yellow Curry Marshmallow Rose White Grey Green Fir + 4 options
In Stock, shipping in 10/12 working days
180 cm 80 cm 46 cm
Special Price
Pohpli 6-Door Steel Locker Drawer

Pohpli 6-Door Steel Locker Drawer

184,95 199,95 -7%
White Yellow Albero Light Grey Tapioca Beige Carbon Black + 2 options
In Stock, shipping in 10/12 working days
113 cm 80 cm 40 cm
Special Price
Chest of Drawers Abël

Chest of Drawers Abël

174,95 199,95 -12%
Primrose Yellow Green Fir
In Stock, shipping in 10/12 working days
105,5 cm 52 cm 30 cm
Special Price
Pohpli Steel 2 Door Locker Sideboard

Pohpli Steel 2 Door Locker Sideboard

149,95 184,95 -18%
Grey Yellow Albero Gardenia White Tapioca Beige Carbon Black + 2 options
Reserve, will ship from 10/07/2024
90 cm 80 cm 40 cm
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Office Drawer Units That Will Save You From Chaos

Let's face it, who hasn't been caught in a tsunami of papers and miscellaneous items, wishing for a magic wand to bring everything into order? This is where file drawer units step in as true heroes of the workspace.

Discover the Benefits of Office Cabinets

  • Space Optimization: Each drawer holds a universe of clips, sticky notes, and invoices, helping to keep your desk clutter-free.
  • Privacy: Some drawer units include lockable drawers, ideal for securely storing important office documents.
  • Customization: Tailored to your needs, with different drawer sizes, compartments, and accessories, perfect for fitting into your workflow.

Types of Drawer Units for Your Office

  • Metal Drawer Units: Their metallic design offers durability and a modern look.
  • MDF Drawer Units: Provide a natural feel, always maintaining the best quality.

No matter which material you choose, each comes with a different style, such as:

  • Industrial Style: For those who prefer a sturdier, character-rich design, they bring an industrial aesthetic that can complement modern or rustic spaces.
  • Nordic Style: Focused on simplicity and functionality, they are characterized by their elegant and minimalist design, ideal for calm and organized spaces.
  • Minimalist Style: Their discreet yet modern design helps to create an atmosphere of calm and professionalism, essential for a productive work environment.

Sklum's office drawer units are more than mere storage: they reflect your work style and daily life. Find the perfect drawer unit for your workspace!

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