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Dining and kitchen chairs

Discover our exclusive range of contemporary dining and kitchen chairs. Our selection features the latest designs, perfect for innovating your spaces. From sleek, modern styles like wood to timeless classics like fabric, each chair is crafted for comfort and elegance. Find the perfect dining room chairs now to match your home decor perfectly.

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215 products

Leivel wooden dining chair

Leivel wooden dining chair

Natural Wood
In Stock, shipping in 10/12 working days
80 cm 46 cm 53 cm
Domestic use
Cloda Upholstered Wooden Dining Chair

Cloda Upholstered Wooden Dining Chair

Natural Wood - Linen Beige Dark Wood - Grey Ash brown- Light Grey
In Stock, shipping in 10/12 working days
80 cm 47 cm 55 cm
Special Price
Visby Design teak wood dining chair

Visby Design teak wood dining chair

209,95 239,95 -12%
teak wood Natural Wood
Reserve, will ship from 16/06/2024
77,5 cm 59 cm 54 cm
Mallory acacia wood and shearling dining chair

Mallory acacia wood and shearling dining chair

Rustic Acacia Brown Acacia Brown
In Stock, shipping in 10/12 working days
73,5 cm 59 cm 55 cm
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Discover your perfect dining or kitchen chair match

Embark on a journey to find the ideal dining chairs that transform your meals into memorable experiences. The collection of Sklum offers a variety of styles, from modern to traditional, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your kitchen.

Materials that matter

  • Rattan: Offers a natural and earthy feel, perfect for creating a warm, inviting dining atmosphere.
  • Wooden: Classic and timeless, they provide durability and a touch of elegance to any dining room.
  • Wicker: Light and airy, these chairs add a casual, relaxed vibe to your dining experience.

Surprise your guests with the style and comfort of your dining room chairs

Our contemporary dining room chairs are made to brighten and liven up your kitchen, but still be comfortable enough for you to spend hours in them. With features like dining chairs with arms and ergonomic designs, we make sure your guests enjoy every gathering.

Brand new was never so easy

Explore our range of cheap dining chairs that don't compromise on quality and experience the ease of transforming your space today at SKLUM.

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