Guideor Viscoelastic Mattress

Would you like to sleep like a baby every night? Then don't miss the opportunity to get our Guideor Viscoelastic Mattress, essential to achieve the deep sleep stage.

Moncel Fabric: its main function is to provide comfort to your moments of relaxation. In addition, it has a soft touch and being an elastic fabric, its objective is to adapt to the silhouette of your body optimizing your rest.

Viscoplusgel 1 cm: a very innovative material that contains gel beads responsible for absorbing and dispersing the body heat we emit while enjoying a more pleasant sleep. It makes the mattress adapt perfectly to your silhouette without interfering with others. Ultimately, it will add freshness and comfort, avoiding at all times that you feel any uncomfortable pressure on your body.
Pur Soft ss 1.5 cm: this foam layer is the true sentinel to ensure that you sleep practically like on a cloud. An additional comfort that makes our rest a true pleasure.

TNT Fabric: it is a fabric composed of thousands of fibers responsible for providing reinforcement and protection to all mattress fabrics on the outside.
Pur core with a density of 28 kg and 22 cm: this layer defines the core of our mattress and consists of a cellular structure of high-density elastic foam. In order to ensure the firmness and durability of your mattress.

Fireproof fiber: its mission is unique and specific, to guarantee your safety. In addition, it creates a layer of air between the person and the mattress, favoring transpiration and dissipating temperature.

Breathable 3D fabric: the primary desire of this layer is for air to circulate between its fibers, guaranteeing excellent breathability at all times.

To extend the useful life, we recommend using a cover to protect the mattress against liquids and other dirt. Once unpacked, always place it horizontally and do not place anything on top for the next 24 hours, so that it expands and takes its final shape.

In some cases, the imagery, measurements and colours, as well as their names, are merely for reference. Everything perceived on the screen can be altered by many factors, which are: the screen calibration, the ambience lights, the viewing angle, etc. If the customer wants to know these details he should consult our technical service, as returns for technical reasons will be at his expense.


  • 25 cm
  • 90 cm - 180 cm
  • 190 cm - 200 cm
  • 12,9 kg - 27,50 kg


  • Reversible: No
  • Core material : PUR
  • Firmness: Intermediate-High
  • Breathability: Medium
  • Adaptability: Good
  • Made in Spain: Yes


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Returns conditions.

Up to 30€ 15,99€
Up to 60€ 25,99€
Up to 120€ 30,99€
Up to 220€ 49,99€
Up to 300€ 59,99€
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