A few years ago, showcases and shelves we’re categorized as a classical or colonial style. They were generally placed in living rooms and contained crockery and table linens. But now, interior design has brought them back into fashion, being much more abstemious and simple than older versions. Designer showcases and shelves are very practical and versatile, allowing us to store and display all sorts of items, giving an area an original, elegant and personal touch. This type of furniture has high aesthetics and can be very helpful when decorating a room, as it can be placed against walls or in corners in which we have nothing else to place, giving us a perfect combination of style and functionality. If you are simply looking for individual shelves to save space, you can take a look at our floating shelves category. You may also like our glass cabinets section and our attractive collection of wooden shelves. That’s why at SKLUM, your online décor shop, we’ve prepared a selection of designer showcases and bookshelves with different styles, such as Industrial, Vintage, Scandi and many more, with which you’ll be able to choose the one that best adapts to your tastes and needs.

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Modular Wall  Floating Shelves  Emine

Modular Wall Floating Shelves Emine

39,95 28,95
Violet Lavender Pink Dahlia Make Up Vanilla Yellow Black + 3
Available from 26/07/2024

Shelving Unit Pex

White Black
Available from 26/07/2024
Baxter wood & metal shelving unit

Baxter wood & metal shelving unit

129,95 114,95
In Stock, shipping in 10/12 working days
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Bamboo Bookshelf Zarak

Bamboo Bookshelf Zarak

68,95 58,95
Bamboo White Wood
In Stock, shipping in 10/12 working days
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Organize Your Home with a Bookshelf

Have you ever stopped to think about the magic a simple bookshelf can bring to your home? We're not just talking about a piece of furniture to store objects; we're talking about a space that, when used wisely, can become a reflection of your personality. Bookshelves aren't just for books; they're for the memories of your latest trip, for the plants you love to nurture, for those photos that bring a smile to your face. And yes, they're also for those books that transport you to other worlds. Ready to give your home that special touch?

Bookshelf Designs at SKLUM

At SKLUM, we understand that every person is unique. That's why our bookshelves are as diverse as the personalities of those who visit us. From the sturdiness of metal to the warmth of wood, including designs that seem to be taken from a magazine. Are you looking for a bedroom bookshelf that matches your boho-chic style? Or perhaps a decorative bookshelf that will make your guests envious? Whatever it is, you'll find it at SKLUM. And the best part is, at prices that will make you think they're affordable bookshelves. But don't be mistaken; here, affordability only refers to the price, as quality and design are top-notch.

Where to Place Your Bookshelf?

Here comes the fun part. The one where you imagine redesigning every corner of your home. The living room, the bedroom, that small studio where your ideas flow. Each space has its ideal bookshelf. A piece of advice? Let your imagination run wild. Dare to mix styles, play with colors, break the rules. After all, your home is the canvas where you paint your life. And each bookshelf is a stroke of your essence.

Choose Your Wall-Mounted Bookshelf

Not everyone has large spaces, but that doesn't mean we should give up on style and organisation. Wall-mounted bookshelves are the answer to those spaces that crave a little love. And the best part is, they're so versatile that they adapt to any environment. From a bedroom bookshelf to store your favorite books to one in the bathroom for those creams and perfumes you adore. The key is to choose the one that speaks for you, the one that says, "This is me."

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