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Bars and restaurants

A place that sets trends

Find the inspiration you need to decorate your business. We bring you the trendiest products in decoration so that your local becomes a place that does not leave anyone indifferent, regardless of its size or the style of decoration you choose.

It conveys personality

Transform the interior of your premises. From SKLUM we put to your disposition a wide repertoire of furniture and decorative elements for hostelry. Discover our range of chairs, tables, stools, armchairs, and all types of indoor and outdoor furniture. Through the choice of decoration and furniture, you will recreate a cosy and above all, attractive environment for your customers.

Displays a unique style

The decoration of a restaurant, cafeteria or bar is key to show the personality of a business. Careful decoration combined with good service and a quality offer will make your restaurant stand out from the rest. Through a thoughtful design in the decoration, your restaurant will be in tune with the public. Besides, the furniture and decorative elements you choose need to be comfortable and have quality finishes.

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Vintage style

Furniture with typical designs from past times ranging from the 20s to the 80s.

Industrial style

In the purest New York style. Wide and diaphanous interiors full of pieces that combine different materials such as Wood, Metal, Leather...

Nordic style

Simple and cosy environments with wooden furniture of straight lines.

Natural style

Rattan chairs, natural fibre carpets, wood furniture and textiles in neutral colours are the most characteristic elements of this style.

Boho style

Eye-catching and very intense colours, printed on the fabrics and combination of various types of furniture.

Eclectic style

The eclectic decoration style combines several styles, giving rise to unique and unmistakable creations, full of personality.
Bars and restaurants
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