What could be better than walking into your home or office and seeing that everything is both in order and stylish? This can happen, and is mostly thanks to the storage furniture here at SKLUM, with which you can express your personality and taste with the most original decoration tendencies: styles like Vintage, Industrial, Bohemian, etc. With these pieces we can store a huge variety of items, saving up a lot of space. Regardless of the style of your home or business, this storage furniture gives any area an original, fresh and personal touch. These are fundamental pieces that are used in our day-to-day lives and because of this, at SKLUM, your online décor shop, we’ve put together a huge selection of furniture so that you can keep your surroundings up to date and in complete harmony.



  • Shelves

    A few years ago, showcases and shelves we’re categorized as a classical or colonial style. They were generally placed in living rooms and contained crockery and table linens. But now, interior design has brought them back into fashion, being much more abstemious and simple than older versions. Designer showcases and shelves are very practical and versatile, allowing us to store and display all sorts of items, giving an area an original, elegant and personal touch. This type of furniture has high aesthetics and can be very helpful when decorating a room, as it can be placed against walls or in corners in which we have nothing else to place, giving us a perfect combination of style and functionality. That’s why at SKLUM, your online décor shop, we’ve prepared a selection of designer showcases and bookshelves with different styles, such as Industrial, Vintage, Scandi and many more, with which you’ll be able to choose the one that best adapts to your tastes and needs.

  • Wardrobes

    Designer wardrobes are one of most influential pieces of furniture in our lives, as this is where we keep the clothes we wear in our day-to-day lives, along with other important objects. So, in order to help you to find the wardrobe of your dreams online, at SKLUM, we’ve put together a selection of the best designer wardrobe sale with different styles, such as Vintage, Industrial, Scandi or Bohemian, so that you can choose the wardrobe that best adapts to the décor of your home or business. These are versatile pieces that will surprise you with their ability to combine aesthetics, elegance and functionality, as this will allow us to save a large amount of space, and also give your home personality, style and presence. Don’t miss your opportunity to check out our a wardrobe sale online, as this is one of the most important furniture pieces in interior design.

  • Chest of Drawers

    At home, we’re always looking for somewhere to place a flower pot, a picture frame or simply to add a bit of ambience to our décor. That’s why at SKLUM, your online décor shop, we’ve prepared a selection of differently-styled chest of drawers, like Vintage, Scandi or Bohemian, amongst others. This furniture will give you the option to store a large quantity of items inside, allowing us to to save up a lot of space. Also, it’s the perfect accessory for completing the decorative style of your home. These are practical and original pieces that provide a touch of personality and good taste, as well as a higher sense of order in the environment. These are perfect for entrances, bedrooms, dining rooms or living rooms, and also for any kind of business. Visit SKLUM and discover our designer chest of drawers. Get your own today!

  • Drawers

    Bring comfort and functionality to your surroundings with the designer drawers we’ve prepared for you on our online décor shop. At SKLUM, we know what we’re talking about. Drawers are one of the most practical and versatile furniture pieces, as they can be used in any corner of our home or business, providing a modern and sophisticated touch. Also, these are tremendously decorative pieces that are now becoming the centre of attention. We’ve got them in all styles: Industrial, Vintage, Scandi… so there’s no excuses if you haven’t got one. At SKLUM, we love design, just like you. That’s why we’re presenting our selection of designer drawers with which you can provide a touch of originality and good taste to any setting. Don’t overthink it, store and decorate simultaneously!  

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Showing 1 - 21 of 88 items