Get the best designer lamps that we at SKLUM have prepared for you. Create wide, open spaces with the most exclusive and searched-for lights in the world of decoration. We have them in all the styles; Industrial, Vintage, Scandi, Eclectic, Bohemian… We think that lighting is fundamental, not just for decorating your business and home, but also for your comfort and well-being. That’s why we go for the latest tendencies, offering the best and most resistant materials, like concrete or steel. Choose the models that best adapt to your personality and give any area a fresh and lively touch. Don’t overthink it and decorate any space with the latest designer lamps on the market, unique pieces that will make you shine.



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    Bring light to the darkness with our wide range of designer lamps that we at SKLUM have prepared for you! Lighting is one of the most important features in any establishment or home. Because of this, lamps are one of the principal elements used to decorate an area. At SKLUM, we look for the best options for you. We want you to light up an area, but we also want you to decorate and give your surroundings the personal and sophisticated touch they deserve. Are you into the Bohemian look or do do you prefer Scandi? Looking for an Industrial look or do you prefer Eclectic? We have models for each and every corner of the house. Reinvent yourself and take a chance with the most colourful fusions and latest trends, in order to make simple, fresh and modern environments in which you’ll shine. Don’t overthink it! Discover our most innovative, elegant and timeless lamps here on our online décor shop.

  • Lamp Accessories

    Breathe life into your designer pieces with our selection of lamp accessories. Light with style thanks to all of the complements that we at SKLUM have prepared for you. You can combine our full range of accessories to create a personalized and stylish lighting system, making you lights seem more attractive, exclusive and versatile, whilst also adapting to any space or environment. Find the accessories you need at SKLUM, your online décor shop, and stand out from the rest.

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Showing 1 - 21 of 241 items