Decoration trends 



  • Vintage furniture

    Do you love the look of older items? Travel to the past and be conquered by our selection of vintage furniture and decorations. Elegance, classicism and romanticism are the three features that describe this tendency. If you feel that you identify with it, it means that you’ve found your style and you’re in the right place. Make you home a warm, inviting and functional space. Decorate with pastel colours, flower prints and delicate accessories that remind us of past years (portraits, rugs, figures, etc.) and bring harmony and balance to your surroundings. Be functional and use everyday items, giving them different uses. Visit SKLUM, our online décor shop, and dress your home with the best vintage décor that we’ve prepared for you.

  • Industrial furniture

    Do you like to innovate? Want to feel like a New York artist in the 50s? Do lofts inspire you? If so, go for industrial-style décor.

     Strip your house bare and expose the essence of its structure. Beams, brick walls, cement, pipelines, tubes… give your home an industrial and diaphanous look, with dark, grey tones. This style stands out for its spatial continuity, uninterrupted surfaces and unpretentious architecture. The infinite ceilings and natural light that’s provided by large, geometrical windows is a characteristic commonly found in these buildings. Decorate your home with rough furniture and focus on basic materials: iron, steel and hardwood. Don’t forget that an old, used-up look is key to the industrial style. This can be achieved thanks to rusting or scaling. At SKLUM, we want to help you to surprise your family and friends. Mix our metal stools and chairs with spectacular hardwood tables, then light with original lamps and voilà!, you have your industrial environment.

  • Scandinavian furniture
  • Boho chic decor
  • Design furniture
  • Eclectic

    Are you the creative type? Do you have a lot of personality? Eclectic décor is inspired by a number of styles, with furniture combining different types of tendency, giving us the chance to create unique and unforgettable environments which are also practical and high in aesthetics. It’s based on a mix of different textures, pieces and materials (metal, wood and glass). Decorate as you wish and dare to do anything, naturally fusing objects from different time periods and creating timeless, careful, personal and exclusive scenes that always maintain a balance. Focus on details, using frivolous, bright colours that break the standard rules. Visit SKLUM, our online décor shop, challenge the limits of your imagination and explore the potential of your creativity with our Eclectic decorations.

  • Mediterranean

    Style your spaces with fresh airs and give them the casual touch they need! Now it is possible with our range of Mediterranean style products. Colour, vitality, naturalness and originality are just some of the characteristics that define it. Undoubtedly, the current trend of the most daring, free spirits. The Mediterranean style is difficult to categorize given its wide range of nuances and possibilities. Distinctive and glamorous touches that will make your spaces overflow with personality and authenticity. Our line of Mediterranean products will fill your house with cheer and intense colours, the main protagonist being the colour blue. Modernity and classic style combined to perfection, generating harmonic contrasts full of creativity and elegance, in which natural materials such as linen, wood, jute or esparto stand out.

  • Army