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Textile crafting is widely booming as a trend worldwide and the production plays a very central role in meeting some of our daily needs. Contrary to what most of us are used to believing, it is not only available in the clothes we wear and Curtains, but is also important in all aspects of our lives including in Rugs production. This article highlights how the production affects different industries. The food industry is one of the areas positively affected by the industry. Most farmers wear protective clothing made of it when spraying the plants with pesticides. On the other hand, plants are covered to protect them from dangerous weather conditions and insects. The industry also affects the building industry in many ways. For example, most of the materials we use at home are protected and insulated from heat and cold. Also, most of the furniture we sit on, the beds we sleep on, and Cushions and Cases are also made from it. They are used to line the road beds before they are finally paved. Additionally, vehicle tires are manufactured from these and contribute to approximately 25% of their strength. Vehicle interiors are also made from thematerials, proving that they are not only versatile, but important as well. To sum it up, its evident that textile production affects almost each sector. For example, the transportation, food, and building sectors all benefit from textile production in one way or another.

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