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Christmas Decoration

Christmas, the best day of the year for most people, is merry, and people are always jaunty as it time people spend with their loved ones carrying out their traditions. Decorations on Christmas are mandatory, especially if you want to get into the Christmas spirit, which is why you need to correct the right Christmas decorations. You might need decorations for both the inside and outside of your house, so taking time to select the best ones is a good idea. Christmas room decor should be well thought out as you do not want to decorate wrong and have the room look weird. Let the colors you select complement each other, which means that the lights should be bright and convenient for you, which means it will not be time-consuming to set it up. In the process of buying your decorations, you can decide to Gift ideas. You can decide on LED lights when you decide to Christmas Lights. The most important decoration on Christmas is the tree which should be the right size to fit into your house. Christmas trees come in different styles, which is why you need to be sure of the one you want to know the decorations you must purchase for it. When you Christmas tree decorations get those that you can use over and over again during Christmas.

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Wall LED Christmas Tree Iber

Wall LED Christmas Tree Iber

8.95 27.95 -67%
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~80 cm - ~170 cm ~40 cm - 84 cm ~7 cm
Special Price
LED Christmas Tree Gazpie

LED Christmas Tree Gazpie

8.95 14.95 -40%
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51 cm 17 cm 17 cm
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Decorative LED Garland Alyck

Decorative LED Garland Alyck

6.95 14.95 -53%
In Stock, shipping in 10/12 working days
7 cm 3,20 m
Special Price
Pine Christmas Tree Elwood

Pine Christmas Tree Elwood

32.95 39.95 -17%
In Stock, shipping in 10/12 working days
60 cm - 100 cm 27 cm - 45 cm 10 cm - 12 cm
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Christmas Decoration in SKLUM Style

Do you already feel the Christmas magic in the air? Of course, you do! And what better way to bring those dreams to life than with Christmas decorations in the purest SKLUM style?

We know every home is unique, and so, our proposal for this festive season is to let your imagination soar and dare to create a Christmas space that reflects your personality and style. Are you up for it? Here are some tips to transform your home into a true Christmas paradise:

  • Play with colours: While red and green are the timeless classics, dare to experiment with different colour palettes. How about some decorations in pastel or metallic tones?
  • Don't forget the lights: Fairy lights can completely change the ambiance of a room. Choose warm lights for a cosy effect.
  • Soft and warm textiles: Cushions, blankets, and rugs with Christmas motifs will not only make you feel like you're in a fairy tale but also keep you warm during the cold winter nights.

The Christmas Decorations Your Home Can't Do Without

This season is synonymous with tradition, and there are certain elements that are essential in any appreciated Christmas decoration. Below, we present a list of them, making your home the most Christmassy of all.

Wall Ornaments

When we think of decoration, we often focus on the tree and the more traditional Christmas decorations, forgetting a great surface that can be the perfect canvas for your creativity: the walls! Here are some ideas:

  • Decorative figures: They are easy to place and remove, and you can find amazing designs such as decorative sheets from the most special time of the year.
  • Fairy lights: An elegant and warm way to light up your home.
  • Stars and hanging lights: Create a star shower. It will seem like magic floats in your home.

Christmas Tree Ornaments

The tree is, without a doubt, the star of this date. But beyond the traditional baubles and lights, how about we innovate a bit this year?

  • Cotton figures: Personalize your tree with little dolls, stars, or even animals. The little ones at home can help you choose them!
  • Lights: Complement your Christmas decorations with LED lights of different shapes.
  • Fun figures: At SKLUM, we have a creative variety of ornaments that go beyond just glass baubles, from ice cream decorations to as original shapes as starfish... Dare to make a difference!

Furniture Ornaments

Your furniture can also dress up for the party, and with small details, you will make your entire house breathe Christmas. At Sklum, as design experts, we leave you some ideas that you can find in our online store:

  • Table centrepieces: We have a variety of decorations with figures like sparkling Christmas trees to ceramic candlesticks.
  • Thematic figures: A simple change that will make your dining table enter the Christmas spirit.
  • Candlesticks and candle holders: Did someone say more light? Find beautiful models that suit your Christmas decorations.

Remember, the key is in the details. With small touches here and there, you will transform your home into a true Christmas haven, ready to welcome family and friends in the most magical time of the year. Let's get to work!

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