Every design table has a life, a soul and a story to tell. Our tables are much more than just furniture. They’re a meeting point, the centre for family reunions, friends and work colleagues. For us, this important and necessary piece must be practical, resistant and of a certain quality, and if it has a unique and integral style, even better. Dining tables, coffee tables, high tables, low tables, side tables… At SKLUM, we have a wide range of models which will allow you to give off an elegant and distinguished look in your home. Discover unique pieces inspired by the creations of the most influential and well-known designers of the 20th Century and choose what best fits your business, home or lifestyle. 



  • Dining tables

    Design dining tables are a key piece in the home. These tables aren’t just a faithful reflection of your personality, spirit and decorative taste, but they also allow us to have a great time with family and friends. We have them in various styles; Vintage, Industrial, Scandi… Come and choose from our wide range of models and designs, made from hardwood, crystal and steel. Get inspired by the most influential tendencies of the time. Combine any of these fantastic tables with our incredible design chairs, creating environments that express both your style and way of life.

  • Coffee tables

    Contemporary coffee tables are the perfect fusion between comfort and functionality. This type of furniture has become the perfect complement with which you can create elegant and inviting spaces. Coffee tables are easy to move and are very versatile, as they can be used as seating places and vice versa. At SKLUM, we’ve placed at your disposal a wide range of design coffee tables for sale with which you can give those empty corners a special and distinguished touch. Choose any of the low coffee tables and combine with the rest of the products available on our online shop.

  • Bar tables

    High design tables have become an indispensable piece on terraces and in modern businesses. They’re practical, stylish and long-lasting, capable of lasting through frequent daily use. Everyday they’re becoming more common in homes, being the perfect complement for your kitchen. Thanks to a large variety of finishes, available here on our online shop, you can decorate your home with the most ground-breaking design tendencies, like the eclectic, industrial, vintage or Scandi styles. There are an infinite amount of combination options with our colourful design stools, allowing us to create fantastic environments. 

  • Sofa tables
  • Restaurant and Bar tables

    We at SKLUM have prepared the best selection of designer bar & restaurant tables. They’re ideal for not only commercial use like in hotels, bistros or pubs, but also for personal use like in kitchens or dining rooms in your home. We provide a wide range of options to choose from. Our collection of high tables for bars have been especially selected for the catering industry. You can also create your own customized tables with the large scope of table tops and table legs available in our custom collection. Let yourself be carried away by the various models, sizes, materials and shapes available to choose from and achieve the most welcoming and sensational commercial setting for your bar or restaurant. Mix and match different styles together to create the most explosive and innovative designs. Don't wait any longer and give your commercial space that touch of exclusivity it needs! Perfectly suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

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Showing 1 - 21 of 173 items