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A style born from the most creative minds

This style originated in New York during the fifties. It has its origin in the typical architecture of the industry, the nakedness of its structure and its noblest materials, wood, leather and metal. A mixture of wooden beams with bare iron, large windows and walls full of textures, irregularities and imperfections. Everything bare!

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Materials and their finishes

Discover our range of colours and their multiple combinations for the best selling chair in any of the markets where Sklum sells its products. You can see this product in terraces, gardens, bars, restaurants and outdoor businesses. See collection

The Industrial Revolution of decoration

The industrial style is living one of its most important moments in the 21st century. The new trends lead us to have ample and diaphanous interiors full of pieces of different materials such as Wood, Metal, Leather... accompanied by very cold textures. The decoration brings to your space memories of old factories, or many old trades that have been reconditioned as cinemas.
Industrial style
Estilo Industrial
Estilo Industrial
Estilo Industrial

Much more on Industrial style products

Bet on metal shelves with many drawers, large tables of rough wood, leather armchairs, pickled chairs, colours such as black, grey, white and naked materials. Give more soul and personality to your industrial style. And of course, forget about the curtains!

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Estilo Industrial

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