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The warmth of wood

A decoration that bets for sophistication, sobriety and harmony, managing to contribute the necessary warmth to combat the low external temperatures. The Nordic style takes advantage of the natural resources that surround it, from the light to the wood, to offer a result that makes you fall in love.



The practical prevails over the aesthetic. Few pieces but with sense. The objective is to achieve a diaphanous and spacious environment. Pattern? Yes, always with geometric designs, in rugs for example, so as not to break with aesthetics. See collection

Bring out the colours in the Scandinavian style

It is very common to see Nordic furniture in white. In addition to making the room sparkle, it gives a sense of spaciousness. Normally, the white colour in the Nordic style is accompanied by beige or grey details. But it is becoming more and more common to see it with black as a secondary colour, which gives it a unique touch.
Nordic style
Estilo Nórdico
Estilo Nórdico
Estilo Nórdico

A Nordic style products preview

Simple, straight, full of pure lines, combined with soft curves and organic lines. Nordic furniture was created from local woods. Therefore, beech or birch should dress your home. They are ideal materials for the Nordic table and chairs. However, combine them with other modern style products to obtain a dazzling result. The furniture in the Brich Scand collection is a must in this style.

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Estilo Nórdico
Estilo Nórdico
Estilo Nórdico
Estilo Nórdico

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