Bring light to the darkness with our wide range of designer lamps that we at SKLUM have prepared for you! Lighting is one of the most important features in any establishment or home. Because of this, lamps are one of the principal elements used to decorate an area. At SKLUM, we look for the best options for you. We want you to light up an area, but we also want you to decorate and give your surroundings the personal and sophisticated touch they deserve. Are you into the Bohemian look or do do you prefer Scandi? Looking for an Industrial look or do you prefer Eclectic? We have models for each and every corner of the house. Reinvent yourself and take a chance with the most colourful fusions and latest trends, in order to make simple, fresh and modern environments in which you’ll shine. Don’t overthink it! Discover our most innovative, elegant and timeless lamps here on our online décor shop.



  • Pendant lighting

    The large variety of designer pendant lamp sizes, materials, finishes and colours that you’ll find here will give you an almost infinite amount of options for choosing the perfect light for each area. Pendant lamps are practical, elegant and provide light whist also being decorative. They can be combined with any models on our online decor shop and are available in styles such as Industrial, Vintage, Eclectic, Scandi… All of these and much more. Others have a more exuberant design and are not only designed to light an area, but to transform your décor with exclusive and unexpected complements. At SKLUM, we invite you to discover our wide range of designer pendant lights, inspired by history’s most iconic pieces, along with other innovative tendencies and ideas.

  • Floor Lamps

    Designer floor lamps have become decorative objects that aren’t just functional, but are also capable of creating very special environments in any setting. Create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere with the floor lamps that we at SKLUM have prepared for you. Providing practical ambient light or for lighting an intimate reading area, these lamps also perform an aesthetic function. Thanks to the large variety of colours, sizes, material and finishes that are available, you’ll have an infinite amount of combination to make with all sorts of styles: Vintage, Eclectic, Industrial… For lovers of glamorous and brilliant interiors, we at SKLUM want you to fill your home with beauty, nuances and distinction. Find designer floor lamps and be dazzled with each different tendency and style.

  • Wall lights

    Our designer LED lamps are characterized by their functionality and elegance. The versatility of the many shapes, sizes, materials, finishes and colours will give you the option to place them in all sorts of settings. Create warm environments with surprising effects with these adjustable models that will allow us to focus and project the light in any required direction. These pieces aren’t just for lighting, but are also for bringing a touch of glamour, originality and sophistication to your surroundings. What style are you looking for? Industrial, Eclectic, Scandi, Vintage…? At SKLUM, our online décor shop, we have a huge quantity of modern and designer wall lamps, some of them based on the most famous creations of the last century. This is so that you can choose the option that best adapts to both your needs and your surrounding environment.

  • Table Lamps

    Discover our large selection of SKLUM designer table lamps and give any business or home a touch of exclusivity and distinction. Optimal and efficient light that doesn’t produce shadows is easy to achieve, you just have to know what to choose. They’re visually attractive and practical, allowing us to create a pleasant work environment with plenty of character and personality. With our range of designer table lamps you’ll be able to create warm and inviting environments, perfect for those intimate and relaxing moments that we all need from time to time. At SKLUM we have all sorts of styles available (Industrial, Vintage, Eclectic, Scandi…) so that you can choose the one that best fits your business. Don’t overthink it! Get the perfect complement for your living room or bedroom and your house will gleam with style.

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Showing 1 - 21 of 159 items