Lamp Accessories 

Breathe life into your designer pieces with our selection of lamp accessories. Light with style thanks to all of the complements that we at SKLUM have prepared for you. You can combine our full range of accessories to create a personalized and stylish lighting system, making you lights seem more attractive, exclusive and versatile, whilst also adapting to any space or environment. Find the accessories you need at SKLUM, your online décor shop, and stand out from the rest.



  • Light bulbs

    No one can replace the magic and beauty of the decorative filament bulbs in our lighting section. The appeal of these bulbs is due to their retro style, which allows them to perfectly adapt to other different decorative styles. Their design is so popular that they’re frequently seen hanging from a simple wire, inside metal cages, in classic spider lamps or even in the most modern of settings. Our designer LED bulbs are highly efficient and guarantee less energy consumption, less heat and have longer working lives than traditional incandescent bulbs. The technology used to manufacture these decorative and designer bulbs allows them to be used in frequently vibrating locations, whilst their filaments provide such natural light that they can enhance any colour pallet. The glass that covers the bulb can be transparent, frosted in white or subtly bathed in a chrome, gold or pink gold cover, in order to avoid glare and spruce up any environment. Our new Trend Bulb is all benefits, and it’s available here at SKLUM just for you. Are you ready?

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Showing 1 - 21 of 47 items
Showing 1 - 21 of 47 items