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Agnon decorative terracotta bowl

Give a natural and rustic touch to your space with the Agnon decorative terracotta bowl . This bowl exhibits a simple and timeless design, perfect for both indoors and outdoors thanks to its versatile terracotta material. The surface of the bowl features a hand-molded finish, offering a texture that adds character and visual depth to any setting. The size of the bowl allows for multiple uses, from being containers for plants to becoming a charming centerpiece. Terracotta is known for its durability and ability to withstand changes in temperature, making these bowls ideal for any setting, whether it's a sunny garden or a cozy corner inside the home. Thanks to their natural finish, they easily match a wide range of décor schemes, from traditional to minimalist, allowing you to play with different styles and textures. Terracotta is not only durable, but it is also lightweight, allowing you to move the bowls easily if you decide to change location or use. These bowls are not simple objects, they are pieces that add a visual story to your home or garden, inviting you to complement them with plants, stones or whatever your creativity imagines.

For proper maintenance, we recommend cleaning it with a damp cloth, avoiding the use of chemical products.

In some cases, the imagery, measurements and colours, as well as their names, are merely for reference. Everything perceived on the screen can be altered by many factors, which are: the screen calibration, the ambience lights, the viewing angle, etc. If the customer wants to know these details he should consult our technical service, as returns for technical reasons will be at his expense.


  • 9,5 cm - 11 cm
  • Ø17 cm - Ø22,5 cm
  • 0,97 kg - 1,72 kg
  • 3 cm


  • Material: Terracotta
  • Use: Indoor
  • Collection: Agnon


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