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Home accessories are a great and generally cost-effective way of adding your own personality to every room of the home. Whether they are totally contemporary in appearance or have a vintage feel and look, home decor accessories can add both style and comfort to your living, sleeping and working spaces. Home accessories can be large or small in scale and can either be purely decorative or serve a useful function as well. Room dividers are good examples of larger home decor accessories and are very useful for giving privacy in shared areas or breaking up larger areas to create warm, welcoming spaces. At the other end of the scale are storage jars which can be sourced in plain or coloured glass as well as porcelain and look just at home in the kitchen as in the bathroom. At Sklum, we have an excellent choice of accessories for the home inspired by well-known 20th-century designers. These range from serving trays that work in the kitchen or the garden to artistic and eye-catching home ornaments that add a splash to any room.

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