LED Filament Bulb E14 C35 6W

Lighting is a critical aspect in home decoration, and the LED Filament Bulb E14 C35 6W is a solution that offers both functionality and style. This bulb comes with a classic design that evokes the aesthetic of traditional incandescent bulbs, but incorporates the most advanced LED technology. With a E14 size socket, it is ideal for table lamps, wall lights, and all kinds of luminaires that seek a touch of warmth with a clear nod to vintage style. The transparent glass that surrounds the LED filaments allows for a uniform distribution of light, projecting a cozy atmosphere with a warm white color, perfect for creating comfortable corners. Intended for indoor use due to its IP20 protection. The bulb is designed to provide stable and reliable light throughout its lifespan, as it is not dimmable. Thanks to its easy installation, with a standardized diameter, you can start enjoying your new lighting in a matter of seconds. Choosing the LED Filament Bulb E14 C35 6W is undoubtedly opting for efficient consumption and lighting with character that adds a distinctive touch to any indoor environment.

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  • 9,6 cm
  • Ø3,5 cm
  • 0,01 kg


  • Material: Glass
  • IP Protection: IP20
  • Use: Indoor
  • Light Colour: Warm White
  • Power: 6 W
  • Screw: E14
  • Lumens: 560/630 lm
  • Voltage: AC 220-240V
  • Certifications: CE & RoHS
  • Adjustable: No
  • Smart: No


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