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Nahla Bulb

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Colour: Clear

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Nahla Bulb

Vintage style lightbulb.
Latest in LED technology with unparalleled design.
Create cosy environments with a retro touch.
Perfect for indoor lighting.
Shows true colour in a very natural way.
Its shape is reminiscent of Murano glass .
The filament is composed of synthetic sapphire

Height: 11,5 cm
Diameter: Ø3,4 cm
Material Glass
Style Vintage
Space Living Room
Type of Product Light Bulbs
Power: 4W
Type: E14 Bulb
Shipping time Immediately

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Do you want to add authentic and retro touches to your lighting? Get the latest in LED technology and get an unmatched design with the Nahla Bulb, a true representation of the Retro-Vintage style.

If anything makes this piece stand out, it is its silhouette in the form of an elongated drop, reminiscent of the Murano glass craft tradition. Powered at 4W with a diameter of Ø3.5 cm, this bulb is made of high quality transparent glass and has an E14 type aluminium base. The centre of its body presides over a network of thick incandescent filaments, composed of synthetic sapphire. Replace your conventional light bulbs and enhance the aura of your dining room, living room or bedrooms, among others. The benefits of switching to LEDs are endless as it also allows you reduce the consumption of energy and it has a lifespan much greater than that of the old standard bulbs. Flaunt the most stylish bulbs on the market and create the most innovative designs.

Let nothing replace the magic and the beauty of the filaments! Get the Nahla Bulb and let the new Bulb Trend illuminate your spaces.